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It is said that Pedro Fages "expedition ran out of supplies while exploring the area and was fed by the local village, so they called their camp" El Pinole "and set up an underground bunker in what was once Pinole, California. The settlement grew as California processed the powder in nearby Hercules Powder, and the Spaniards called it Camp El Pinoles. Today, the city is known as the Pinole Vista Shopping Center, located in the uninterrupted Richmond Hilltop Area.

Other types of apartments that predominate in Pinole are houses that have been converted into apartments or other small residential buildings. We have sorted and sorted the passages based on the number of houses in the area and the size of the property as well as the type of property. Owners - occupied apartments, detached houses and single-family houses - are the most common types of housing that can be seen in the Pinole.

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Search below for all homes, apartments and condos in the Pinole California Real Estate area and find them for sale. This time, the statewide standard will replace the requirements for local residential zones (ADUs) that are in line with the new standards of the California Housing Code (RZC). They will also be available after you have adopted the latest local guidelines for your ADU.

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If you want to work with a professional, it is very easy to contact an estate agent in Pinole, CA. Housable is a great tool to help homeowners approve and build their ADU projects. Consider the fact that building an ADU this year would add an additional 167 units to the city's housing stock and create hundreds of new construction jobs.

Pinole Real Estate has appreciated 89.87% over the past five years, its latest annual rate of appreciation, placing Pinole in the top 10 for real estate appreciation nationwide. Compared to California, data shows there are more than 1,000 homes for sale in California, with a median price of $1.5 million. The cost of real estate in Pinoles is among the highest in the country, even if you don't compare it to other cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.

In the last quarter, NeighborhoodScout data show that Pinole homes are up 0.01%, representing an annual $1.5 million appreciation rate over the past 12 months. Over the past 12 months, Pinoles has appreciated by 0%, or $34, which is above the national average for the same period and the highest in California.

According to NeighborhoodScout, there are 7,158 units in Pinole, of which 6,775 are occupied by owners and tenants. The average density of housing per household is 2.83 people, compared to the national average of 2.97. With an average density of 507 per square kilometer, 6,828 units are more than twice the average density in San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles.

The poverty line is 18.8%, which includes those who are married or married to the same couple and those with children under 18. The age distribution is: 18 - 49 years, 50 - 64, 65 - 74, 75 - 80, 85 - 90, 90 - 95, 95 - 99, 99 - 100 and 100 +.

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More About Pinole