Pinole California Restaurants

The park has 231 hectares of land and has organized a variety of events such as concerts, festivals, concerts and other events. Enjoy an evening in this homemade venue that has entertained the public since 1986.

The historic Old Town is located in the heart of the city's four square miles, stretching along San Pablo Avenue and home to some of San Francisco's historic buildings, restaurants, hotels and shops.

On the outside of the building there is a mural that shows what was at the beginning of the 20th century when this part of the street was still a shop and restaurant. When George Foster opened his first store in 1946, the entire menu consisted of burgers and chips, followed by soft ice cream, hot dogs and hot dogs. When he made it to his second location in downtown San Francisco, he had to catch up, "said Foster, whose biodiesel production company supplies California.

It is usually the restaurants that supply the oil for the deep fryer, but sometimes other shops, such as grocery stores, gas stations and convenience stores, do the same. Kayser said restaurants generally forget to pay for their used oil, and the amount they earn is based on several variables, from quantity to quality.

The price of biofuels should not be too different from the price of regular diesel, otherwise customers would rebel, he said.

As the Super Duper experience shows, the economic upheaval caused by the coronavirus has taken a blow - to the biofuel industry. Demand for the final product of biodiesel fueling has declined slightly, and California, which promotes biofuels as "greener" than conventional diesel and gasoline, often relies on restaurants, factories, and other sources that regularly produce the cooking fat used. If refineries can switch to Midwestern alternatives such as soy or canola oil, customers will not notice a bottleneck at the pump.

In the pre-pandemic days, restaurants used 50-gallon containers to store used cooking oil, and they filled up every two weeks. SeQuential, a biodiesel producer in Portland, collected the containers and shipped them back to California. Ore.-SeQuentials took the Super Duper, which didn't have to be disposed of, "to help produce biofuels is part of the chain's environmental mission," he said.

The Pinole Historical Society ( offers self-guided walks starting at the Greenfield department store around 1905. At Antlers (, built in 1890, you can walk through a series of cottages built in elaborate Italian style, some of which are still strong.

Pinole is located on the small side, perhaps in the shadow of the surrounding cities of San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and San Diego. Walk one block, follow the coast and walk along the shores of San Pablo Bay in Bayfront Park ( The bay itself was a busy shipping route for ships sailing to and from the Sacramento - San Joaquin rivers.

Yet the gently rolling hills and fascinating sunsets have been charming visitors from all over the United States and Canada, as well as from all over the world, for more than a century. I remember a soft-serve ice cream bag that seemed to be a mile high and ended in a tiny somersault. The pub had a great sporting event to watch and a great view of the bay and Bayfront Park.

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More About Pinole

More About Pinole