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The poverty line is 18.8%, and is the median income of a household of four, including those married to the same couple. The census shows that 53 (0.3%) of the people in this household live in a non-institutionalised group quarter and 15 (0.1%), which is "institutionalised," the age distribution corresponds to the age of the household.

The racial composition of the city is the same as in other cities in the United States, except San Francisco and Los Angeles.

There are 6,828 units with an average density of 507 per km2, and 7,158 of these are single-family houses, of which 6,775 are occupied by owners and tenants. Ray Kremer (1893 - 1965), who played for the San Francisco Giants and won 143 games, lived and died in Pinole with his wife and three children.

In the 1850s, Bernardo Fernandez, a Portuguese immigrant, founded a trading establishment on the coast of San Pablo Bay and eventually built the historic Fernandez Mansion, which still stands at the end of Tennent Avenue. The settlement grew when California processed powder for powder in nearby Hercules.

Today, the city is known as the Pinole Vista Shopping Center, which is connected to the Richmond Hilltop Area. Today, it is known as one of the largest shopping centers in the Bay Area and the second largest in California. Take-home prizes such as a $1,000 gift card and $500 gift card have enabled the salon to expand its offering and improve its sales and advertising performance.

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More About Pinole